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Erotic Tantra

Your treatment will consist of a very slow full body erotic energy massage, you can if you wish request deep or soft strokes deepening on your preference.
Tantric Goddess will use not only her hands but her body in this deeply sensual and erotic energy experience. Rather than pursuing more stimulation, Tantra Massage is concerned with experiencing more sensitivity, your practitioner will work with your sexual energy, moving it around. Aromatic oils are used to heighten sensitivity; this is not necessary if you do not wish so. This includes a body to body massage.
The art of sensual touch is a journey of discover. The receiver’s role is to stay relaxed and focused upon the experience of receiving without expectation of how it will feel.
In Tantra Massage different textures such as soft feathers, silk scarves or satin fabrics are used to touch and stroke. Each caress sends waves of erotic energetic pleasure throughout the body, an orgasmic massage.

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