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Not only is Paris the city of light, but of sound, music, dance, and revelry. In fact, most any big-city diversion you could conceive of is available in France’s capital. Relaxed bar-cafes, high-tech dance clubs, and mellow jazz haunts fit your mood like a well-worn glove, promising good times in any format. Cabaret venues deliver a dose of vibrant entertainment, and pubs prove to be more than just the domain of the British Isles. Progressive Paris also promises a wealth of nighttime opportunities for gay men and women, mostly in the Marais neighborhood. Trend-setting is a regular pastime for young club-goers along rue Oberkampf, and the Bastille area courts folks intent on an evening of fun. If money’s not an issue, the Champs-Elysées features plenty of high-priced places and attracts lots of tourists. Buddha Bar, with its signature Asian icon, is great for people-watching, and La Flèche d'Or boasts terrific live music and alternative ambience. If you simply want to dance, Paris’s top choice is Queen, nominally a gay venue but one of the city’s best (and most packed) places to groove and be beautiful, no matter your inclinations..
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Buddha Bar.
Buddha Bar and Restaurant Bar Oriental style upstairs. Restaurant Asian / cross over downstairs. A trendy public. Keep eyes open for celebrities. The best ambient music in town! Stylish dress code..
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Moulin Rouge.
Known the world over for their famous "Can-Can" girls, this place is a must if you want to just feel a bit of old Paris. I visited Moulin Rouge on my first visit to Paris, and although quite...
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Jazz Clubs.
One of the more known "name" jazz clubs not only in Paris but in the world is Duc des Lombards. It has a cool ambience / decor, and the musicians are sometimes top notch. Paris has lots of jazz clubs.
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La Locomotive.
La Locomotive is the biggest disco in Paris. There are also lots of night activities in Paris.For example you may go to Balajo, Folies Pigalle where there are strip-tease shows, Les Folies-Bergere....
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Crazy Horse.
A Paris institution since the fifties, some might list the Crazy Horse under "Tourist Traps" rather than nightlife. I think the Crazy Horse is a classic, upscale "Paris" version of the Vegas strip...
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Montmartre. this isn't really nightlife in terms of what MTV might label exciting or cool or whatever, but I thought it was damn chic and sooooo awesome. I'm talking about Sacre-Coeur at night. (It's...
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Le QUEEN - Electronic Music This famous club in the Champs Elysees is a gay club (not always). This club is not very expensive and the sound is good ! The kind of party change each day : - Monday
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Oz Bar.
It is an Australian bar. The time I was there it had different bartenders and owners. The place was great, I miss it so much! I don't know how it is now days, I haven't visited it since its big change....