Ten Commandments of Escort Services

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This may sound like the Ten Commandments but it's really a rough guide based on my experiences and knowledge. Most of it is common sense and good manners, so if you've got both of these and you're a gentleman these are probably things you would do and not do anyway! :-)


- treat the lady as a lady and NOT an 'escort' or sex object.

- remember that escorts are all different some of us offer a GFE (girlfriend experience) and some a PSE (porn star experience), and others a combination of the 2. You should be able to tell which escort offers what from reading both her website and reviews, but if you're unsure, ask.

- offer the lady a drink when she arrives.

- pay the lady without prompting within 10 minutes of your arrival.

- consider the ladies comfort above your own. It's her job to make you feel comfortable, and the more comfortable she is the more comfortable she will make you. For example some men say they'd like the lady to visit them at their home because that's where they are most comfortable. It is not where the escort will be more comfortable because generally we prefer to meet on neutral territory (or our own for escorts that offer in-calls) if we don't know someone, so to get the best out of the encounter ask what the escorts preference is. If you consider the ladies comfort when choosing your hotel and restaurant (or even ask if she has any preferences) then if you've chosen a good escort you will get brownie points and reap the rewards.

- let the lady pace the meeting. An experienced good escort won't take the piss, she'll move the meeting on accordingly at her own pace taking into consideration your needs and personality.

- be patient when waiting for a response. If you call make sure you leave your full name and a phone number, but do bear in mind if you don't hear back she may be away. Follow up calls and emails if you don't hear back in a few days but don't be obsessive.

- read all the information you can about the escort. We are all very different and work very differently so don't assume every experience will be the same. Some ladies sell sex and some companionship. If you do your home work and read any reviews available it will give you an idea of what to expect. A good escort site will be informative and tell you about her personality. So don't ask silly questions. Any escorts offering specialized services will advertise them, for example don't ask if a lady offers a domination service if there's nothing on her site to suggest it. A clue of an escort into domination would be photos of her in rubber with a whip!

- mention if you have any expectations or specific requirements regarding the date, either in or out of the bedroom to save disappointment for your date. For example, if you specifically want to be having multiple sex sessions on an overnight date, you need to check the escorts ok with this. For some ladies its about quality not quantity.

- sure you are freshly showered and shaved and smelling sweet.


- try to French kiss or grope an escort on arrival. To most it's considered extremely rude and you're unlikely to get the best out of her as you'll have put her back up from the start. If the lady does this to you (like I say we all work differently and I know it happens) and you feel uncomfortable tell her you want to get to know her and take your time.

- ask too personal questions or go on about the guys we see. Personally I find it extremely patronizing when people assume I meet idiots. I find it insulting for them to think I would put up with being treated badly.

- ask questions that are answered on the ladies site.

- be offended if the lady counts the contents of her envelope. You wouldn't expect to buy something in a shop and someone to put the money in the till without counting it. Or pay for any other service without your money being checked. If you have an 'issue' with the money side of things, why not see if you can pay the lady upfront in her bank account. Obviously I wouldn't advise this unless you know someone is trustworthy and has a good reputation.

- book someone purely based on their looks. It's worth taking the time to find out if the lady can offer you the experience you're after to save disappointment and to save wasting your time and money. The more explicit the site is the more you can assume that the meeting is about the sex, if there's no reference to sex or explicit photos, don't assume you can ask and/or expect sex or a 'porn star' experience.

- repeatedly call never leaving a message. It's a sign of an obsessive nature and I know I certainly avoided people that always called without leaving a message. Some even call over and over again repeatedly after it's cut off. If it's not convenient then you won't get answered no matter how many times you call. We all have personal lives and it's not always convenient to answer a phone call. I always think an email is a good first step as long as you're booking at least a week or so in advance. Don't rely on emails though because they can go missing or put in trash by some over zealous spam filters, so if you don't get a reply it's worth following it up with a voice mail. I like to hear someone's voice before I speak to them, so I often used to let my phone go to my answer machine.

- ever try to approach an escort if you see her out, regardless of whether you have seen her before. If you have met her before it's ok to catch her eye and see how she responds, if she wants to and is able to talk to you, then she will. She may appear to be on her own but she could be waiting for friends or family, have a boyfriend, husband or one of her children in a shop and she's waiting outside.

- ask for discounts. It's extremely rude, and often escorts won't see you. If you're lucky enough to get a meeting, you're unlikely to get the best out of her even if you do pay her full fee, because again you have got her back up even before you've met. Find an escort within your budget and never contact one that isn't and try and haggle.

- be selfish and assume that you can book a lady all night and not take her out of the room or feed her. Don't assume just because you don't want breakfast that the escort won't. The more thoughtful you are the more you will get out of the meeting.

- book an escort if you are likely to have to cancel, are unsure if you can make it, or book multiple escorts in case they cancel. Escorts don't take kindly to being messed around and losing out on business because we have kept a date free and turned down work is not appreciated. In my opinion any one decent should compensate and pay a lady something for the inconvenience. Girls do let guys down too that's why you should read the reviews and research properly before making your choice.

- don't contact the lady and expect to be her 'friend'. Most of us have busy lives in and out of our escorting, and simply don't have the time to maintain friendships with everyone we see. If an escort initiates the contact and wants to be friends and the feelings mutual that's fine, but don't expect it.

- call during unsociable hours. Many ladies don't return calls left during unsociable hours. I used to prefer weekday calls from 9-5, but everyone is different. It's worth looking on the escort's site and seeing if she mentions a good time to call. If she doesn't, I'd say that between 9am and 10pm is acceptable. I also wouldn't call on a Sunday or public holiday unless you want to meet on that day.

- try to stay longer than the hours you have paid for unless the escort initiates it. Trust me there is nothing that we hate more, and you won't get the best out of the lady if she feels you are taking advantage.