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Brussels is the bilingual capital of Belgium. This means that both French and Dutch are the official languages of the city. Street names and traffic sings are always in these two languages. Furthermore, it is a cosmopolitan city where many different cultures live together and where different languages can be heard on each street. This liveliness and international flair is, of course, intimately related to its role as a crossroads for all of Europe.

The same variety and contrast can also be found in the different architectural styles that can be found in Brussels, the former capital of the medieval Duchy of Brabant. Gothic cathedrals and churches are next to - and sometimes in stark contrast with - gracious classical facades like the buildings around the Royal Square (Place Royale - Koningsplein), or beautiful art nouveau and art deco houses.

The heart of Brussels and the place to start getting to know the city is the Grand'Place (Grote Markt). This historic market square with its splendid guild houses and the impressive Gothic beauty of the Town Hall, is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful town squares in Europe.

Traditional Beer Cafes and Pubs.
LA MORT SUBITE (The Sudden Death): perhaps the best fruit beer cafe in town (Warmoesberg/Montagne Aux Herbes Potagères)
LA BECASSE  Taborastraat / Rue Tabora ,11 -  1000 Brussels
L'IMAIGE DE NOSTRE DAME Grasmarkt / Rue Marché aux Herbes, 6 - 1000 Brussels
AU BON VIEUX TEMPS Grasmarkt / Rue Marché aux Herbes, 12 - 1000 Brussels
LA FLEUR A PAPIER DORE This café was in the 1920's the meeting place for the Belgian Surrealists
Cellebroersstraat / Rue des Alexiens, 53 - 1000 Brussels
HET SPINNEKOPKE Bloemenhofplein /  Place du Jardin aux fleurs, 1 - 1000 Brussels
LE CERCUEIL.(The Coffin) Haringstraat / Rue des Harengs, 10 - 1000 Brussels. This café is quite special. It is decorated like a morgue, complete with coffins, skulls, black velvet, etc...
LA PORTE NOIRE  Cellebroersstraat / Rue des Alexiens, 65 - 1000 Brussels. Situated in an 18th century cellar. Good choice of beers. Ideal for groups.
CAFE OF HOTEL METROPOLE  (Brouckereplein, Place de Brouckère, 1000 Brussels). This café is in Belle Epoque style
. LE CIRIO  (Beursstraat, Rue de la Bourse, 1000 Brussels , next to the Stock Exchange.
THE FALSTAFF  (café and restaurant). Henri Mausstraat, Rue Henri Maus, 1000 Brussels. Beautiful café in Art Déco style.
LA CHALOUPPE D'OR (Grote markt, Grand'Place, 1000 Brussels) Situated in one of the guild houses at the Market Place.
Trendy Bars and Cafés.
(The trendy downtown area is situated around Place St. Géry and surrounding streets)
ZEBRA Place St.Géry - 1000 Brussels
MAPA MUNDO Place St. Géry - 1000 Brussels
LE ROI DES BELGES  Place St.Géry - 1000 Brussels
ARCHIDUC (Art Deco style- Jazz) Dansaertstraat 6, 1000 Brussels
KAFKA (Rue de la vierge noire - 1000 Brussels)
O'REILLY's (Irish pub - tourists) Boulevard Anspach (in front of the Stock Exchange) - 1000 Brussels
LE COQ( neighbourhood café that has become an institution with the trendy crowd)
(Rue Auguste Orts - 1000 Brussels)
LA TENTATION (meeting place of Gallician community in Brussels - Centro Galiego) Rue de Laeken - 1000 Brussels
LE PLATTESTEEN : (restaurant- bar, popular with the gay crowd). Plattesteen - 1000 Brussels
(Bars around Grand'Place)
GOUPIL LE FOL ( Chanson Française)Rue de la violette 22 - 1000 Brussels)
LE CERCEUIL (Macabre setting - coffins - skulls, etc) Rue des Harengs 10 - 1000 Brussels
H2O (classical music - bistro) Rue Marché au Charbon 27 - 1000 Brussels
DNA (Plattesteen 18, 1000 Brussels)
FALSTAFF (Art Nouv. Cafe-restaur. - New Management in April 1999)(H. Mausstraat 17, 1000 Brussels)
LE METEKO Boulevard Anspach - 1000 Brussels
(Bars in the upper part of Brussels - 10-15 min. by taxi from center)
L'AMOUR FOU (Chaussée d'Ixelles, 185, 1050 Brussels)
ULTIME ATOME (Rue Saint Boniface, 14, 1050 Brussels)
CONWAY'S NEW YORK (Avenue de la Toison d'or 10 - 1050 Brussels
Music Bars and Cafés.
NEW YORK CAFE JAZZ CLUB ( Chaussée de Charleroi 5 - 1060 Brussels
SOUNDS JAZZ CLUB ( Tulpstraat 28 - 1050 Brussels)
ARCHIDUC (Jazz) Rue Dansaert 6 - 1000 Brussels
GRAIN DE SABLE (Jazz) Place du Grand Sablon 15 - 1000 Brussels
CHEZ LAGAFFE (Jazz) Rue de l'Epée 4 - 1000 Brussels
TRAVERS (Jazz) Rue Traversière 11 - 1210 Brussels
TWO ONE TWO JAZZ BAR (Jazz) Avenue Louise 212 - 1050 Brussels
CANNE A SUCRE (Antillian Music), Duivenstraat 12 - 1000 Brussels
DO BRASIL ( shows, restaurant) (Kazernestraat 88 - 1000 Brussels)
LA MOVIDA (Flamenco) (Rue Saint Géry 3 - 1000 Brussels)
Cabaret | Shows | Restaurant.
EXITO 13 (Hoogstraat 13 - 1000 Brussels)
LE PRE SALE (VLaamsesteenweg 20 - 1000 Brussels)
AU FOU CHANTANT (Avenue De Fré 176 - 1180 Brussels)
LE ZENITH (Games) (Place de Brouckère - 1000 Brussels)
YOU NIGHTCLUB (Rue Duquesnoy, 18 - 1000 Brussels
MIRANO CONTINENTAL (Jet Set) (Chaussée de Louvain, 38 - 1000 Brussels)
LE NOSTALGIA (60's and 70's Oldies) (Rue de la Fourche, 49 - 1000 Brussels)
ESPACE DE NUIT - CAPITALE (Rue Marché au Fromage, 10 - 1000 Brussels)
LE WHY NOT (Gay) (Rue des Riches Claires, 7 - 1000 Brussels)
FUSE - LA DEMENCE (Techno- mixed straight- gay) (Rue Blaes, 208 - 1000 Brussels
Gay Brussels.
(most gay bars are around the area of the Grand'Place)
LE DUQUESNOY ( L&J) (Rue Duquesnoy - 1000 Brussels)
CAN CAN ( (bar with karaoke) (Rue des Pierres 55 - 1000 Brussels)
CHEZ MAMAN (bar with late night show/cabaret) (Rue des Grands Carmes 7 - 1000 Brussels)
LE GEMEAU (all ages/all styles) (Rue de Laeken 12 - 1000 Brussels)
BANANAS CAFE ( Rue des Pierres 18 -1000 Brussels)
LA RESERVE (all ages-all styles) (Petite rue au Beurre 12 - 1000 Brussels)
L'INCOGNITO (Rue des Pierres 36 - 1000 Brussels
L'EXODUS (Rue de la Fourche 6 - 1000 Brussels)
BAROQUE Rue Marché au Charbon, 44 - 1000 Brussels)
DOLORES Rue Marché au Charbon, - 1000 Brussels
TELS QUELS (Gay and Lesbian meeting point) Rue Marché au Charbon 81 - 1000 Brussels
LE COMPTOIR (Bar - resto) (Place Vieille Halle aux Blés 26 - 1000 Brussels)
LE BELGICA ( mixed gay/straight - on weekends only) Rue Marché au Charbon - 1000 Brussels
THE SLAVE (L&J) ( Plattesteen 7 - 1000 Brussels)
HOMO ERECTUS Rue des Pierres 53 - 1000 Brussels
COUCOU BAR Rue du Jardin des Olives 10 - 1000 Brussels (Drag Shows and Restaurant)
Discos and Monthly Parties.
CERCLE 52 (Bar, disco in the weekend) (Rue des chartreux 52 - 1000 Brussels
FUSE - LA DEMENCE ( Techno disco) (Blaesstraat 208 - 1000 Brussels)
LE WHY NOT (Disco) (Rue des Riches Claires, 7 - 1000 Brussels)

LA GRIFFE (gay Sauna) (Place de Dinant 41 - 1000 Brussels)
L'OASIS (gay Sauna) (Rue van Orley 10 - 1000 Brussels)
SPADES 4OUR (gay Sauna) (Rue Bodeghem 23-25 - 1000 Brussels)
LE MACHO (gay Sauna) Rue Marché au Charbon 106 - Brussels
Nightclubs | Red Light Districts.
City center: the area situated around Rue du Cirque - Around Place Fontainas (Male)
Uptown: the area situated around Rue Stassaert
Northern part: the area situated around The Northern Railway Station, rue d'Aarschot